I’m off…

Let us step into the night and pursue that flightly temptress, adventure.

~J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Well, it’s time to go. After months of treatment and waiting the time has finally come. The time to begin the next big adventure, the biggest adventure of my life.

February, when this all started, seems so long ago. It’s time to get on with what comes next. The months of limbo have been a reprieve allowing me to prepare for this last big hurdle. At times it has seemed overwhelming and hopeless. At others it has seemed unreal and imaginary — a bad dream that would disappear when I woke. It didn’t.

It’s time to live the title of this blog – it will or it won’t. I just have to do my best and hope.

I’m rooting for will!


    1. Dee

      Thanks George. When I had my auto transplant I read your blog (start to finish). You would have been about six months post transplant I think. Even then I found it helpful and inspiring and I’ll revisit it as I go along.
      Best wishes,


  1. lolostrong

    Dee, I think the best way to “beat” this is to live your life on your terms. Do it your way and never regret the past, just keep moving forward. May you have the peace you deserve and the courage of an army.
    Peace, joy, and prayers for you!

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  2. kymlucas

    Sorry. No idea why that posted. I was trying to say I’d be rooting for you, but it didn’t post. Instead you got the tagline from my email. Probably thought “WHAT?” Anyway, I’m hoping for the best possible results for you.

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  3. karen

    It most definitely WILL. Sending you much love, and letting you know that I will be thinking of you, rooting for you-every day. What I’ve learned is that we are stronger than we think. Courage arrives when we need it. Xxx

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