The search is on

Well, it’s started. My nurse drew a blood sample to begin the donor search. It was an anti-climactic experience, given the significance.

The wait now begins while the Anthony Nolan scientists run tests and begin a search for a tissue match. It will be a nervous time, heightened by mixed heritage that may complicate my chances. The tissue typing and transplant process is amazing wizardry that I struggle to explain. I think the simplest description is in the Anthony Nolan video below.

Once the search is over I’ll visit my transplant consultant (the Professor) for details of the next stage and that difficult discussion outlined in my Dr Google post.

Meanwhile, Brentuximab continues. There will be another PET/CT scan at the end of the month to check progress and I hope to be in remission. I feel a bout of scanxiety coming my way.

For now, there is nothing to do but wait.

And hope.

I only need one match.


If you want further information on Brentuximab or allogeneic stem cell transplants please visit the The Hodge information page.


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